Let me introduce myself: Lars Trebing since 1979, a web nerd since 1997, having graduated in computer science along the way; working at the Munich Typo3 specialist agency, Typovision; co-founder and owner of a small Web firm called P2 media design. In my free time I enjoy photography and sometimes playing the double bass.

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Resulting from several years of relative negligence, this web site has become somewhat outdated both content-wise and structurally; therefore, at some point in 2009 I decided to start renovating it and also give it a new visual appearance. Apart from stupid mistakes that I’ll probably make along the way (please do let me know when you encounter any broken links etc.), everything should be usable normally at any given time; however there might be some occasional mess here and there. These are the main sections of this site for the time being:

About me
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Old and older news.
My favourite time-wasting methods.
A few lines on things like HTML and Volvo.
Guess what … Recent feature: Brainspotting (in English!)
Some of my preferred web sites.