The following was put up on shortly before the US presidential election in 2004, but failed to lead to an acceptable result. The idea for this poster came from an UK citizen who preferred to stay anonymous because some people thought they had to threaten those who wanted Bush to be voted out. This anonymity also led to a somehow creative domain registration, with the result that the registration renewal a year later went wrong and the domain was taken by some domain grabbers.

Choose Bush. Choose a war. Choose a record budget deficit. Choose to spend the money put aside for social security that he promised not to touch. Choose expensive medical insurance that the poor can’t afford. Choose to invade sovereign states. Choose to alienate your country from the rest of the world. Choose a government that doesn’t care about the environment as long as pollution gets their directorate ranks more cash. Choose massive tax cuts for the rich, while unemployment rockets, leaving the poorer people in society out in the cold. Choose oil. Choose a state of paranoia and fear where foreigners are mistrusted. Choose to curb civil rights in the name of national security. Choose to lock foreign nationals up offshore so the Constitution can’t dictate how they’re treated. Choose to discredit America.

Choose your future.

Choose Bush.

“Brainspotting” idea by Mushroom (inspired by a “Trainspotting” movie poster). Illustrator and HTML work done by Lars Trebing.

Some propaganda stuff:

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